Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Calypso, Molokai, Atlantis Beads Now on Etsy!

Here is a small (very small!) sampling of all the goodies I put up on Etsy today! Come on over and check them out!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Progress Report!

Here's a quick snap of 6 of the 11 bead sets I will be posting this week. The unfinished bead sets are almost done; they lack a few beady pieces each. I still have a few pairs of white hearts in two cases, missing spacers and disk beads in another, and three still need coordinating floral lentil beads. I worked with the Atlantis, Molokai, and Calypso colors this time. 

When I'm done and have posted these to Etsy, I will stop for a bit and work on some custom beads (for a very patient lady - thank you!!) before moving on to making Cabana Boy sets.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

And we're off...

...On to the next bead offering! This time, I'm working in the Atlantis and Molokai color schemes. Hopefully I will have everything made and ready to post by this weekend - that's the goal at least. I just started going back to school yesterday, so I have to make sure I allow myself plenty of study time as well! :)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Lily Mashup, Breathless, and Nantucket

Okay, now I'm REALLY finished! Got them all photographed, edited and listed on Etsy. Now I'm off to create some more!

 Set 1

 Set 2

 Set 3

 Set 4

 Set 5

 Set 6

 Set 7

 Set 8

 Set 9


I finally finished cleaning and stringing the 9 mixed strands I've been working on. Two of the strands are straight "Breathless" series - mostly black, white, and hot pink (with a tiny bit of green leaves and vine cane thrown in). The other seven strands are a mashup between the Lily (mostly green and pink with white) and Nantucket (mostly white and pink with some green) series with some Fleur encased florals (ALL hot pink - from the background to to the flowers themselves!!) and black accents added here and there to punch up the contrast. I'm thrilled to pieces with how everything turned out!

Photographing and listing the beads on Etsy will begin this afternoon. (Aside from actually making the beads, the taking and editing of pictures is the most time-consuming part of the entire process.) I anticipate having all nine sets listed by tomorrow lunchtime - sooner if I can possibly swing it! I'll send out a notice e-mail to those on my mailing list once they're all up and available.

Any preferences for color combinations for the next batch of beads? I was leaning towards Cabana Boy (I can never stay away from that color combination for long!), but I'm open to suggestions.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lilypads: Nantucket and Breathless

In between finishing my custom orders, I've been making more beads for the 9 mixed strands I'll be adding to Etsy by this weekend. I still have to finish the encased florals and then make the accent beads and spacers before I'll be ready to photograph and list the bead sets. 

Price points will be in the $55-70 dollar range, depending on the complexity of beads I decide to include. I have so much fun making beads that it's hard to know when to stop! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ring Around the Rosie

I had a few hours after work but before my dinner company showed up, so I hopped on the torch and played for a while. I gave myself 2 restrictions: it had to be a Saturn bead and I could only use clear, black, white, pink, and green. I love how they turned out, so today I'm going to work on making more beads so I can create mixed strands for all these beauties!