Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the Homestretch

Wow, y'all - thank you for all the wonderful e-mails about the "Hula Bear". And yes, I will be making them for sale in the very near future (read: when I'm caught up with orders), both as individual bears and in sets with coordinating beads.

I know I don't usually post in the afternoon, but today's been a little different. We were at tennis (lesson for Davis, match for Tilly), when the bottom fell out and we were caught in one heckuva summer thunderstorm. You know the kind where it's sunny one minute, cloudy the next and in the same 30 seconds you hear the first grumble of thunder - you're soaked to the bone? Yeah, one of those. I'm not whining, mind you, because we really need the rain. I just always prefer a little advance notice before I ruin a pair of shoes!

I think I'm gonna go play with the food blog now. Maybe get the blueberry muffin pictures edited and get the recipe posted...

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