Thursday, September 18, 2008

Giveaway Update - UPDATED *grin*

In the interest of wrapping up September's giveaway, let's re-cap what we've got so far, ok?

I bought 7 glass colors, 6 of which have been guessed.

The 6 correct colors are:
lime green

There is ONE more color that hasn't been mentioned yet.

What is it?

Hint #1:

It is an opaque color, NOT a transparent.

***********ding, ding, ding***********

And we have a winner!!

Congratulations to Mikala for correctly guessing that the last unnamed color was ivory!
Send me an e-mail through my webpage with your address and I'll ship your hula bear out.


Anonymous said...

okay, okay I'm going to GUESS golden I warm??? LOL

mikala said...

how about,
opal yellow
is it just a little bit close?

Anonymous said...

Is it cream???

bookworm said...

How about blue?

ginny said...

How about bittersweet?

ginny said...

Just thought of another guess. The Christmas green that you use in your Christmas package square beads.

Jena said...

Mikala - it was ivory - you got it!!


mikala said...

how cool is that! it's just one color that you just have to have.

ginny said...

Congrats, Mikala!
Good job!
I would have never thought of ivory.

mikala said...

Thanks Ginny,
Hula bear gets to live in Hawaii.
How fun is that!