Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Update

HalloDotties for orders

I just realized this morning that it has been a week since I last posted - oops! I didn't mean be silent for so long, it's just that when I've got orders to fill, I don't really think about doing anything else. I suppose there are worse things than being single-minded, right?

On the home front, things are very much as they always are. There is one notable exception: Elinor and her partner won their doubles match this Saturday, 8-2!!! It's her first win of the ALTA season and we are quite proud of her! *grin*

Okay, my conscience is beginning to tug at me. I guess I'd better get busy making beads!


Becca & Greg said...

Way to go Elinor! I knew that backhand of her's was killer!

Jena said...

Hi Becca & Greg!!

Thanks for the congrats, Elinor's so proud of herself she can hardly keep her inflated head balanced on her shoulders!!

And hey - Happy Anniversary to you two and a very Happy Birthday to Greg!! And with Madame Monkeypant's birthday coming up soon, October must be an incredibly busy month for y'all!!

Much love and squishy hugs,