Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Pictures

It's really sad that I'm just now taking the pictures of my children in their Halloween costumes off my camera's memory card. It's also very sad that it took my looking closely at the pictures while editing them to notice that my little hobgoblins got dirt all over the door frame when they were playing outside last weekend!!

That said, here are my little monsters in costume!!

Davis' costume is fairly self-explanatory. He had originally wanted to go as a CIA agent in a tuxedo and carrying a briefcase. When I asked what he needed the briefcase for, he looked at me as though I'd grown an extra head. "To carry my guns, grenades and spy equipment in, Mom - what'd ya think?!" Uhhh... I think somebody has been watching too much tv!! When I told him that razor wire was completely out of the question for a 7 year old, he kind of lost interest and was happy with the SWAT costume I found.

Elinor was never specific about what she wanted to be for Halloween but she was thrilled when I brought home the witches' costume. She really liked the velvet burnout design of spider webs on the sleeves. Truth be told, that is my favorite detail too! It was her idea to put the make-up on but it was like wrestling a rabid monkey to get the little bit that I did manage to apply to her face. She's my "au naturelle" girl, God love her, and fortunately she has the yummy olive complexion I always wanted so she won't ever need to wear make-up unless she wants to!

Now Tilly was adamant about making her own costume this year rather than buying one. Considering that she has usually been the most label-conscious, conspicuous consumption proponent (think Alex P. Keaton in the old Family Ties sitcom) in our family, I was a little surprised but pleased by her about-face. She debated being a vampire (and recycle an old costume), a werewolf (old costume plus add from her own closet), a were-pire (you can guess that one, right?) and a farm girl. In case you can't tell, she's carrying a little animatronic piglet named "Francis" (Bacon - get it?!?! She's a clever girl! *grin*)


Elizabeth said...

Great costumes and adorable children, Jena!

Grecca said...

They are such cute sweet kids! These pictures make us miss them even more...