Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cookie Monster

I've been making batch after batch after batch of cookies for a neighborhood get-together we're co-hosting with my parents this evening. I was actually still up this morning at nearly 2 a.m., cleaning bowls and the kitchen counter from the marathon baking session.

The good news is that I'm done making all the cookies. The bad news is that I'm not done cooking quite yet. I've still got 30 jalapeno peppers (sorry, can't figure out how to make the wavy line thing over the "n") to turn into some of The Pioneer Woman's jalapeno poppers. Wanna know how to make them? Click HERE and start drooling, baby!

I'll be adding the cookie recipes to Kate's and my sadly neglected cooking blog, Radish Roses, very soon. Hopefully, I'll get some pictures before they all get snarfed up!!

Oh and in business related news - shipping for sale beads starts tomorrow!!


ginny said...

May I come tonight? If you say yes, I will hop on a plane!
BTW, that wavy line thing is called a tilda. LOL!

Kate said...

¡Hola Amiga!

To make a tilde (it was close Ginny!!), it is ALT 0209!!!

I need that cookie recipe for Swedish Wedding cookies!!! Must make some soon!!

ginny said...

That little wavy thing is called a tilda in English and a tilde in Spanish. Looks like we are both correct, Katie.