Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend was the complete opposite of my shamefully lazy last weekend. I got up at my normal 5:15 a.m. instead of lounging around in bed until the children woke up clamoring to be fed. What was I doing at such an ungodly hour? Why, making beads, of course!

With the exception of a few errands and a short time-out to bake cookies (Tilly and Elinor had company come play on Saturday - gotta make goodies!), I stayed remarkably on task for the past 2 days. That might not sound remarkable, but with the way my attention drifts with the slightest provocation (or sometimes without provocation), I honestly think I might have adult ADD. I'm not overly concerned, because I do still manage to get the important stuff done but nearly everything I do takes longer than it should because I'm constantly having to rein myself in and refocus.

One of the fun errands we did this weekend was to go pick out a new bathing suit for Dean. You're probably thinking, "In January? WHY does he need a new bathing suit?" Because he's starting swim lessons tomorrow. My wonderful, lovely husband (who turns 44 in February, by the way) has never really "learned" how to swim. Oh sure, he can float, glide underwater and do a mean dog-paddle, but an officially recognized stroke? Not so much. He kicks his legs and moves his arms, but then forgets to breathe. By the time he gets from one end of the pool to the other, he's exhausted and ready to pass out. So basically, swimming for Dean is a carefully controlled near drowning.

I just wish I could go and watch his lessons - I'd bring popcorn and charge admission!


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the informative post, Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Well I guess an adult can also take up swimming lessons. Never too young to try!

Jena said...

I completely agree, which is why all 3 of my children have taken lessons since they were in pre-school. :)

Kate said...

Seriously, I think it is great Dean is taking up swimming and learning the right way. While sure it is great to have lessons early in life, it is MUCH harder as an adult and I give him lots of credit!!! GO DEAN!!!!