Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time Out For Beads

I'm taking a time out from my regularly scheduled posting of attractive men to show you something I made for Tilly. Her school has a required uniform and she wears her sweatshirt as a jacket nearly every day, as do lots of other students. The only problem is that it's warm in the classroom and everyone peels their sweatshirts off and then when the bell rings, it's bedlam while everyone checks their labels to make sure they get their own sweatshirts. So, I decided to make some beads for her to use as pulls so it'd be easy for her to identify her sweatshirt at first glance.

This is the first pair I made. Obviously, very "Valentine-y", but then I think it'll be fun to make beads for all the holidays. (At least the holidays that occur during the school year and are during the cooler months.)

You ought to see the huge honking mandrels I had to use in order to make the holes big enough to slip over the drawstring. They're actually hollow mandrels that were intended to be used for blowing hollow vessels. (From Tink at Black Swamp Glassworks, in case you're interested.)

Didn't they turn out cute?


Kristen said...

GREAT idea! You are so creative! There will be no mistaking her sweatshirt now! :)

Grecca said...

My Goodness look how grown up Tilly is! She is turning into a beautiful young woman. I love the beaded sweatshirt by the way :)

Jena said...

Thanks Kristen! The funny thing is that now Tilly is in super saleswoman mode, trying to sell sweatshirt pulls to other students in her classes.

"Ummmm...honey? My reason for making them for you was so that yours DOESN'T look like everyone else's."

Jena said...

Becca & Greg -

Hey, you two!! Thanks for the compliments, both for the sweatshirt and on my Miss Till. She's hit 'pre-teen' very hard recently, keep Dean and me in your thoughts! *grin*

And THANK YOU so much for putting the Ava/Elmo video up on your blog! Whenever I'm having a crummy morning, I go watch Ava dance and my day instantly gets better!!