Saturday, January 31, 2009


I thought this picture turned out pretty cool! It's all the triangle discs I made for the Molokai beads strung together and slightly twisted so that it looks like a modified dna helix. Tilly calls this strand the "D. N. Alien".

Of course I'm not selling them like this, because that strand by itself would be $144 dollars. (Although I would consider it if someone were extremely interested! *wink*) It's more for storing them together until I start putting the mixed strands together.

You know, when I look at that picture I can't help but think - they have a kinda caterpillar-ish vibe to them, don't they?!

Anyway - here's the regular shot:


Paula Scott said...

You have my curiosity peaked. Why are they called Molokai beads?

Jena said...

It isn't just those particular beads, Paula. I chose to call all the beads in that series by the same name. So, those would be Molokai triangle discs.

I picked the name Molokai because the colors I used for this series were inspired by a photograph of a beach on Molokai. Black sands, turquoise waters and sky, green cliffs and fluffy white clouds floating by. :-) It looked like a slice of heaven!!

I'm glad to have piqued your curiosity and I'll hope you'll come back to see the rest of the series!