Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AAARRRGGGHHHH! OR Diary of a Meltdown

Yeah - I'm frustrated. That, and slightly furious. With a dash of P.O.'d and a miffed cherry on top.

Firefox (my preferred browser) died on me this morning. Don't ask me how, I wasn't even aware that a program could actually die. But die it did. First, it stopped recording my history. Then, it started switching around the web addresses for my bookmarks. Next, it ATE all my bookmarks! Gone, woo-hoo, see ya! Then it completely stopped responding - wouldn't close, wouldn't go anywhere, nothing. I had to use force quit (I've got an Apple.) to shut the program down. Tried shutting down and rebooting the computer several times. The program wouldn't even OPEN at this point. (Now keep in mind - everything else on my computer, all the other programs - are working peachy keen, no problems.) So, I found a website (using Safari) that reported similar issues and they recommended uninstalling & re-installing the program.

So far, so good. Uninstall went fine. Reinstall was easy. Oh - look! I've got working bookmarks again - yippee! Now, to go find all the web addresses so I can recreate my bookmark list.
Oh no! Are you kidding me? I can't find the web address for my PHP List Newsletter and Pappashop isn't doing that anymore so they don't have that information either.

Well - unless the Pappashop people can dig up that information from years and years ago, it looks like my Newsletter is gone, baby, gone...


Anybody know of a good newsletter program I can manage on my own?

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Kristen said...

Oh no, did I curse you with computer problems Jena? I hope you get it all figured out soon! I hear ya on the MELTDOWN! :)