Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret?

I love gumdrops. Seriously.

I know people who are crazy about Peeps and nuts about Cadbury's creme eggs. My father can't leave a bag of M&Ms alone. I used to buy my grandfather a case of Butterfinger candy bars every time I went to Costco. Of course, now that I think about it, he and my grandmother had an unnatural obsession with candied fruit as well. You know, the kind that gets put in fruitcake?

My point is that everyone has some candy they prefer over everything else. Mine is the lowly gumdrop. I like them piled high in bowls. I like them impaled on little trees during the holidays. I like them rolled out with a rolling pin, trimmed, and used as leaves on a flower cupcake. I would string them into bracelets, a la those candy necklaces on stretchy cord, if I didn't already know I'd eat the jewelry before I got anywhere.

I like them fresh and squishy or stale and chewy.

"And I would eat them in a box. And I would eat them with a fox." Sorry about breaking into the good doctor, but there is something rather Seussian about them. Don't they kinda remind you of something a Star-Bellied Sneech might eat?

So...what's your secret?


Elizabeth said...

Twizzler's strawberry licorce. Keep them away from me! Yum!

ginny said...

Mine is not really a secret. Everyone knows that I love chocolate--not dark chocolate but milk chocolate---and not chewy but rich and creamy. The old fashioned Hershey Bar is my all time favorite. 'Tho I have to admit that the Hershey milk chocolate nuggets with toffee runs a close second--really close. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are really good, too.
OK. I will be honest. I will woof down anything that is milk chocolate in a heartbeat. So if I come to your house, hide the chocolate.