Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Full Blown Chicken Mode

I added a Emerald Isle trio to the Boutique this morning. That's it for the St. Paddy's Day beads and I'm back to making beads for the mega March 1st update. I'd like to have at least as much as I had for the Molokai update, if not more.

I'll have more beads available for this coming Monday and I will also be working on installing and learning a new newsletter service. So yes, *sigh*, you'll have to sign up again if you'd like to continue receiving e-mail notices of new beads for purchase. I'm sorry about the hassle, believe me.

I'm afraid that as today's blog title suggests, I am indeed in full blown chicken mode. Nearly all my spare time is spent reading books, magazines and surfing the Internet for any information that can be gleaned on my new obsession. I have been electronically harassing my best friend, flooding her e-mail box with pictures of the chicken breeds (in various stages of development, no less!) I'm planning to raise. To her credit, she has been very understanding and supportive in NOT calling for the people wearing white jackets and carrying "people" nets. Bless you, my friend, bless you! I promise, this too shall pass...

I'm afraid I'll be worthless on any other topic for quite a while, so I apologize in advance for what will undoubtedly seem like endless chicken talk.

Well, chicken and bead talk.

And oh yes - there WILL be chicken beads. Consider this fair warning. *grin*


Elizabeth said...

We have neighbors whose dogs sound like chickens. Does that count?

Jena said...

Oh my goodness! Dogs that sound like chickens? What breed??