Monday, February 16, 2009

Got Some Tissues?

'Cause I've got issues!

Nah - there's nothing so bad it's worth crying over. I've only got a couple minor irritations like: -

* Pappashop can't retrieve my mailing list from PHP List either, so it looks like I'll be starting from scratch this week. Anybody use Bravenet?

* There is something truly wrong with my camera. *sigh* No matter what settings I change, it wants to focus on the background rather than the item being photographed. I've gotta get it figured out because there's a slew of new beads to shoot for the March update and I don't exactly have wads of cash laying around to buy a new camera.

* Tilly's piddly cold (that she refused to take medicine for) has turned into bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. We picked up some antibiotics and now she's on the sofa playing Wii, but my oldest isn't exactly the 'suffer in silence' type - know what I mean?

But there are some good things to report too!

We've got a 3 day holiday with the kids home from school, so even though she's not exactly enjoying the holiday, at least Tilly won't have any school work to make up! And if she's feeling better tomorrow, we're probably going to go to the dollar show and see Madagascar 2 (hey - she'll have been on the 'biotics for 24 hours and won't be contagious), eat popcorn, and generally be lazy.

I'm one step closer to having chickens - wahoo! My husband has finally consented. He's doing the coop requirements and design research (I did all the zoning and city law research last year, so I already know we're good to go on that front.) and wants to have a materials list by this weekend. So, it looks like I'm getting The Girls sooner than I anticipated. I had, of course, intended to wear him down over the next several months but now I no longer need to! What am I gonna get? An Australorp (Mimi), a Barred Rock (Fifi) and a Rhode Island Red (Lola).

You wanna know the funny thing? I was nervous about telling my parents, thinking that they were gonna be all "There goes Jena, with another of her hare-brained ideas...*sigh* Why couldn't we have had a normal daughter?". But guess what?! My dad told me last Friday that he and my mom had decided to get chickens! And that was before I had even told them that I wanted some! Like my friend, Kate, says - this is just the Universe's way of telling me to go for it!!

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