Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weird Week

How it got to be Thursday already is a complete mystery to me. I haven't gotten nearly enough done for it to be only 2 days to the weekend - yikes! I'd like to speak to the people in charge and request one more Tuesday and Wednesday to be tacked on at the end of the week so I can actually get something accomplished. Deal? Oh yeah, and since the weather today is so gross, what with all the rain and tornado warnings, I don't think today should count because I can't even seem to get motivated enough to make my bed. Or tomorrow or Saturday, since they're also forecast to be yucky, depressing weather days. Only pretty and sunny days should count towards my week. So, could you just tack on the extra couple days and make sure the weather cooperates? Thanks!

Seriously. This morning, I feel like one of those coma patients in the movies that wakes up only to discover they've been unconscious for years and years instead of a day or two. Very disorienting.

Tilly's first track meet was on Tuesday and we all thought she did very well. She has never done any kind of distance running before, only what was necessary for playing tennis (her first love). It's kind of odd really, when she went to try out for the team, she had told the coach that she was primarily interested in the sprinting events. (I know it's going to sound biased coming from her mother, but she truly is a wicked fast sprinter.) She made the team, obviously, but what they've got her running are the 1600 and 3200 meter events. (That's the 1 and 2 mile runs for those of you who, like me, don't "do" metric.)

So, after one whole week of track practice (insert heavy sarcasm here) they had their first meet. You cannot imagine how incredibly proud I was, cheering from the stands as she chugged along. She didn't win either race, but you know what? She FINISHED them both and that is what matters to me.


Kristen said...

Go Tilly! My daughter is thinking of trying out for Track next year! I wish I could sign up my two little boys so they could run out all their pent up energy! ;)

Grecca said...

Go Tilly Go! So proud of her! She is quite the athlete these days.