Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally Friday

Well, happy day! The week is nearly over and the weekend is about to start. It has been a loooooooong week, that's for sure. The kids have been taking the CRCT test since Monday and they're all about to crack under the strain. No, not the strain of the test - they've all reported that it was a lot easier than they thought it was going to be. The strain they're complaining of is the enforced earlier bed times and my making them eat a real breakfast other than the Pop-Tarts they would prefer to eat. Yes, the truth comes out. I'm a horrible mother that allows her children to eat Pop-Tarts if they want. Somebody better call DFACS! *grin* Seriously, I do enjoy cooking, but I'd rather save the clean-up from breakfast mess for the weekends rather than our hairy weekday mornings.

I've got more beads to make so I'll be ready for the next 2 days, so I'd better run. See you all soon!

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