Monday, April 20, 2009


There's nothing quite like a fresh, buttery croissant from your favorite German bakery. Whaaaa? Yep. Bernhardt's Bakery, down the street from where I refill my oxygen tanks, makes croissant that is head and shoulders above our local French bakery.

Who knew?

Here's something I did know. A fresh croissant dripping with blackberry preserves makes an excellent breakfast for what promises to be a long day of bead making!


Beautiful Orchid said...

Bernhard's? Really? I'll have to give it a try. But I seriously doubt I'll walk out of there with JUST croissants...Thanks for posting this. I wouldn't have thought to try them there.

Jena said...

Oh yes - they are WONDERFUL!!

Listen, I heard a rumor (from D) that your husband does screen printing. If that's true, do you think we could collaborate on Mrs M's field day t-shirts? I'm planning to tie-dye them like last year (but different colors) and it'd be nice to have the class name and number on the front. You think?

ginny said...

Hi Jena:
Gee, I am so used to your not blogging on the weekend that it seems that I have missed out on quite a bit--new chicks, new and gorgeous beads, and a yummy looking croissant.
I keep looking for that "night before" notice of a bead update.

Kate said...

Oh that looks so good!!! I would love one now, with a cup of hot French pressed coffee!!