Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Chick Pics

It's been awhile since I mentioned chickens on my blog. So... chickens, chickens, chickens and more chickens. There - I think we're all caught up now! Wocka wocka wocka. (Sorry, I have always loved Fozzie Bear.)

Elinor has all the baby chicks in her lap because Tilly is running the vacuum cleaner in the playroom. The brooder box is on the floor in the playroom and I'm always afraid that the loud noise will scare the chicks. I've heard stories that you can actually startle a bird to death. Does anybody know if that's true or just an old wives tale?

Anyway, yes, we have new chicks in addition to Mimi and Fifi (who now live outside in the coop). From left to right in the top picture are: Lola - an ISA Brown (we think), Bella - a golden laced Wyandotte, Nadine - a blue laced red Wyandotte, Lucy - a Rhode Island Red and Pearl - a white Leghorn.

Whew! We're definitely done adding chickens to our flock unless something happens to any of our girls OR if any of our "shes" turns out to be a "he". In that case, they'd go back to the breeder because roosters aren't allowed within the city limits.

They are SO much fun!


Kate said...

They are so cute!! And so is Ella!!! I LOVE the names!!!

Kristen said...

They are really cute! :)

Elizabeth said...

Fun! They are adorable! I just watched an episode of iCarly yesterday with our younger child and she was hatching chicks. Cute! The names were are adorable, like yours!

Elinor is getting so grown!