Monday, May 4, 2009

Up to My Ears in Tie-Dye...

Just exactly what it sounds like!

It's that time of year again - Field Day at the elementary school


Beautiful Orchid said...

Miss Jena, you are a SAINT for doing this two years in a row. For two different classes, right? Once would have been more than enough of an experience for me. But, I must say, the lucky kids in those classes were (and will be) the coolest-looking kids on campus!
p.s. The Blogger Word Verification for is "beadsho." How a propos!

ginny said...

Hi Jena:
I am just stopping by to see what you are up to now! Still the t-shirts I see! I know how much you love doing them. I also know how much the children look forward to getting them! Bless you for being such a willing and good volunteer!
PS I see that someone else commented on the fact that her word verification word was beadsho. Mine is "wines"---love it! LOL!

Jena said...

Saint? Uh, definitely not. Insane? Most probably! And believe it or not, I guess I didn't make myself stressed enough doing Ella's and Davis' classes shirts last year, 'cause now I'm doing tie-dye for one of Tilly's favorite teachers!!!

Debbie said...

Jena, check out this site you may want to try this with the kids.