Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Countdown to the Fourth and Other Hoopla

I've had a lot on my mind recently, so I've zoned out making hollow beads. I love winding disks of transparent glass, joining them and then watching them puff up into little hollows in the flame. To me, it's immensely relaxing. Plus you end up with such pretty beads in the kiln! These will be put up in the Boutique today.

The top hollow is green side up and the bottom is purple side up.

Here's a matched pair all ready to go!

Frit is something else I like to play with when my mind is full of other things. These little chunky beads are Double Helix' Psyche medium frit over copper green and encased in pale, pale aqua. I think I'm gonna make myself a bracelet! (I never make any jewelry to keep. Sorta like the cobbler's kids never having shoes, I just never seem to keep any of the beads I make for myself!)

More Psyche frit - over ivory this time, I think.

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Lori said...

Me me me just had to have some of those hollows - yummy and going to make a necklace for myself out of them:) I too have never made anything for myself.