Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photo Post

Just thought I'd show some pictures that have been taken recently!

Here's a cute little chipmunk that was curious about the fresh corn we were feeding the chickens. Is it awful to admit that I can't stand chipmunks? Seriously. I don't like squirrels either. Or any other kind of rodent, for that matter. Yuck! But this little guy is cute in a "awww...isn't that adorable? Now, shoo it away!" kind of way.

Here's a shot of two of our littlest chickens. In the photo here are Lola (with the blurry moving head) and Pearl (who has apparently decided that her best side is her backside.).

This is Mimi, one of Dean's favorite chickens. She's one of the prettiest shaped chickens we have, carrying herself very upright and regally. But...I'm not overly crazy about black eyes, you know? They seem a little beady and soul-sucking to me. Yeah - there goes my psychosis again...

This is my favorite chicken, Fifi. She is Queen Boss Almighty, Told-Ya-So, Ruler of All the Lesser Chickens in our flock. Look at that head up there and tell me you don't see "DINOSAUR" staring back at you. I'm telling you, if she were 20 feet tall, we'd all be chicken poop by now!

Alright, well that's all I've got for now. Time to wake up Ella and go for a walk.


Lori said...

Love the updated pics and their names as well. Have to say Pearl is my favorite, even I didn't get to see her face:) I have loved the name Pearl every since Will Ferrell did "The Landlord" with Pearl.

Jena said...

Hee, hee! I love The Landlord skit too!

We named her Pearl because she was supposed to be a white leghorn. Apparently, no one told Pearl that because she is buff - not white, and is absolutely NOT a leghorn. In fact, we aren't sure what kind of chicken she!

I'll post the pictures of the other chickens soon.