Monday, July 27, 2009

Birds, Bricks and Border Gardens

Today's post is definitely chicken picture heavy - sorry about that to those of you who aren't poultry aficionados. We've been asked to send pictures (both of Dean's awesome coop and our feathered girls) to a lady who is writing an article for Atlanta magazine about the nationwide boom in backyard chickens. I don't know if we'll be selected for her article, but it sure would be fun!

Instead of chasing them around the yard, it was much easier to just let them traipse around the flowers by the patio and take pictures as they scratched around. They would much rather hang out in the vegetable garden, but I wasn't interested in following them under the okra (their preferred "chill out" spot) so I could get itchy and bug-bitten, all the while trying to get a couple decent pictures.

Bella and Mimi


Pearl and Lucy

Mimi and Fifi


Nadine (with Dean)






There. That should do me for a while!


Lori said...

Pearl used to be my fave in the looks department, but Bella is beautiful and Fifi a close second!

Jena said...

Awww... thanks! Fifi is my favorite, hands down. I know she's just a chicken, but she's beautiful and gentle and calm (and lets me pick her up and carry her around without freaking out...).

The other girls: Bella, Nadine, Lucy, Lola and Pearl are pretty too, but they're still at the gawky, gangly adolescent stage. They'll be much prettier once they start to fill in and get those gently rounded waddly bodies like Mimi and Fifi have. Pearl is already well on her way - definitely more rounded and chicken-like instead of "fat pigeon" like!