Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clearly, a Bad Idea

Do you ever have those mornings where you survey your surroundings, brace yourself in the doorway and mutter "Lord, give me the strength to not be short one child by the end of the day."?

That's today.

I went outside to water the flower pots, check on the garden, throw some nibbly bits to the chickens (strawberries and bananas this morning) and check for eggs, see if the fountain needed more water, etc. Then I ran up to my parent's house and put their dog back inside because my brother left her out this morning. I guess I was out of the house a total of 30 minutes.

When I left the house, Davis was playing Webkinz on my laptop. But by the time I came back, he had destroyed the place. There was a puddle on the kitchen floor from the sink to the pet bowls, the contents of my jewelry box was on my bed, Tilly's jewelry box was also dumped out and the bookshelf in the girl's bedroom was a complete mess.

Apparently, he was looking for the sign-in information for Tilly's separate Webkinz account that she doesn't want him playing with. He figured that the tiny notebook she wrote her sign-in info in was either in our jewelry boxes or in the bookshelf. Sneaky bugger. As for the water on the kitchen floor? At first he told me that the cat was thirsty. Yeah, right. Then he confessed that he was trying to scare Satchel. Why? He couldn't tell me.

So, he has temporarily lost his computer, t.v., playstation and gameboy priviledges. We will now spend the rest of the day cleaning house, which unfortunately punishes me just as much as it will him. *sigh*

Anybody need something demolished, destroyed or otherwise damaged in a hurry? Have I got just the person for you!

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