Friday, July 17, 2009

They're on Their Way!

I got an e-mail this morning with the above picture and the message that the girls (and my parents) were packing up to head home. Davis will be thrilled to see his sisters again, if for no other reason that having more kids around takes some of our focus off him!

They usually head to the beach for one last swim before heading home but elected not to today. Tilly's toes are all chewed up from scraping against the hotel swimming pool bottom and Ella has declared herself to be "all beached out". They might stop at a monastery on the way home, depending on how everyone is feeling but... I kinda get the impression that they're feeling like the horse that has seen the stables; ready to be home already. That's alright, I'm ready to snuggle up in my bed with the girls and read books out loud for hours like we usually do. (Davis starts out on my bed, but usually wanders off to play by himself or with his dad after awhile!)

I'm busy changing the sheets on their beds and washing the quilts right now. Then I'm baking a Chocolate Zucchini Cake (will be adding the recipe to our much neglected blog, Radish Roses, this afternoon! Just finished adding - click the name for a link to the recipe!!) for my Dad's b-day celebration (his birthday was yesterday). We'll probably have a cookout tomorrow night and use some of the fireworks leftover from the 4th.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

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