Thursday, August 20, 2009

Salsa Makin' Time!

I know you should only grow things in your garden that you intend to eat. And I do intend to make the effort, but when I planted 4 tomatillo plants, I had NO IDEA that would result in a harvest of a metric ton of tomatillos! Why did I plant 4? Well, I had heard (erroneously, as it turns out) that they were finicky plants to grow, so I planted extra in the hopes that at least 1 plant would produce. Uhhh...oops? At least now I know better and won't go quite so overboard next year! In the meantime, I'm gonna find a good recipe for salsa verde and then see what I can do about learning how to can all the extras. Anyone good at canning that can point me in the right direction?

I planted 3 jalapeno plants in raised beds and they've done very well also. I think next year we'll double or triple the number of jalapenos and try to pickle/preserve slices. My kids are heavily into nachos and we never seem to have any extras laying around. Plus, we make Pioneer Woman's poppers on a fairly regular basis and you go through a LOT of peppers that way!!

Chili Rellenos, anyone? (I know most people probably use Anaheim, but I like Poblano.) I also planted 3 poblano peppers and WOW!! I love peppers and this kind is darn tasty - very thick and sweet with just a hint of heat. If you dry them, they're called ancho chiles and are awesome in tamales! I'm going to try fire-roasting, cutting into strips and preserving them. My Dad has this awesome recipe for Pasta Veracruz that he made up that uses them roasted and it is sooooo delicious. I'll get him to write it down for me and then I'll put it up on Radish Roses.

I did multiple/staggered plantings of tomatoes this year. Now that the first wave of determinate "Patio" tomatoes have spent themselves out, we're about to get our second flush of fruit from the other varieties we planted. There are about 8 plants growing right now, both determinate and indeterminate and I'm ready for more 'maters! Don't those look good? I'm thinking we might eat some fried green tomatoes with dinner sometime this week! Sounds weird, I know, but they are awesome!!

Darn. Now I'm making myself hungry!


Cindy said...

Would you believe I've never had fried green tomatoes or made homemade salsa...although I love salsa! You should be proud of that wonderful garden! :-)

Jena said...

Hey Cindy!

Fried green tomatoes are surprisingly tasty and don't taste at all like you think they will. You should try some!

I make salsa verde all the time, but I've always used the canned tomatillos - never fresh. I'm not sure what sort of prep/cooking they'll need, so I have to do some recipe research before jumping into it.

Thanks, I'm loving the garden this year! We've certainly had perfect weather for growing veggies this summer.