Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Sad

You know how you may not know someone, but by reading about their exploits, triumphs and losses you begin to feel a kinship? I've felt that way about Elden and his family from Fat Cyclist ever since I stumbled on his blog a few years ago.

My husband enjoys cycling, as do I, although neither of us are as rabid as is considered the norm among other bikers we've met. But it has been fun looking at the world from Elden's perspective and following along with his bike lust, acquisitions and just plain silliness. (Seriously, nuke-ing old Shot Blox to see what would happen and videotaping so you can share it with the world? Hilarious!)

I've also been reading about his wife, Susan, and her fight with cancer. I celebrated with them for Susan's good days and grieved for her bad days. Susan died last night. My heart breaks for her husband, her children and their family who lost such a special lady way too soon.

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