Friday, September 25, 2009

Miss You

Between working on the house, Ella's birthday, schools being closed and the kids home, really bad storms and storm/water damage and our cat, Freckle, dying - it's been a bit insane this week. I'll be back on Monday after I take a couple much-needed days to myself.

Can you believe that there are still whole parts of the interstate closed because it is underwater? There's a school in the Metro that you can only see about 2 feet of the roof sticking out of the flood waters that surround it. Absolutely unreal! Oh and get this - MORE RAIN today and this weekend.

I'm gonna have to check my toes for webs... At least that'd be helpful!

I miss the cat. :-(

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Cindy said...

Hang in there! It's been a busy/rough week around here too. But I can't storms here. I am so sorry about your kitty Freckles. I'm sure she'll be sorely missed by your family; that's really tough. Sending {hugs} your way...