Friday, October 30, 2009

Bouncey Bouncey

I know I've been quiet this week, just up to my eyeballs in dealing with stuff I couldn't put off any longer. I've got a ton to do this morning, so I'll leave you with a short video I took yesterday.

This is my Miss Tilly doing a standing back handspring on the trampoline at cheer last night. Go Tilly!

And a big "Thank You!" to Coach Rico there in the background. She wouldn't have done it if she didn't trust you to not let her fall!


ginny said...

Wow! Tilly is good!!! She also no longer looks like a little girl. How many boys' hearts will she break? I bet a lot!

Cindy said...

I agree with Ginny daughter is getting so big...I remember the pictures from way back when I first found your beads. What an accomplishment. I can't even imagine doing a back flip like that!!! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!.....what kind of costume did you end up finding for your son?