Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Female of the Species...

Kinda random title, huh? Well, I've been sitting here drawing a complete blank for today's title for quite a while now. I decided to name today's entry whatever the next thing was that popped into my head. I've been watching Jeeves & Wooster dvds recently (I adore that program!) and the way Bertie makes nicknames for everyone and uses abbreviations repeatedly just cracks me up. Hugh Laurie is a real treat! Anyway, in one episode Bertie says "the F of the S is more D than the M" and that popped into my head just a second ago. Yeah, I know... I don't know how my mind works either!

Anyway, remember that the bead giveaway will be open until Saturday morning. For those who have asked - yes, you can leave a comment once a day on anything "fall" related and that will count as your entry. Just make sure you comment on the "October Bead Giveaway" blog entry. Good luck!

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