Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday!

I've got a lot to do today and the kids are out of school, so this is another drive-by update. I found this old, weathered chair in the barn last week and just had to figure out some way to use it. I'm debating whether I should sand some of the more distressed parts smooth and then paint it or if I should just leave it alone and enjoy the rustic vibe. What do you think?

Bead giveaway tomorrow, by the way. Make sure you check in!


Kate said...

Oh I love it as is Jena! It looks so pretty on your front step! And that's a great pumpkin too! It's a reminder that I need to get one today!

ginny said...

It would be a travesty to sand and paint that chair! The very rustic look is what gives it so much appeal--just my opinion!

Debbie said...

I have 2 old chairs similar to what you have and I love the look. They were my grandparents chairs so they bring back wonderful memories along with beauty. Enjoy the look as it is. Great idea with the pumpkin, think I'll add that. Right now I have a mum next to the chair.