Friday, November 20, 2009

Studio Clean-Up!

11:29 am - There are more new beads coming, but the camera battery just died and it's one of those rechargeable types. Soooo... I'll update the rest of the beads once the battery is all juiced-up again!

I took a quick time-out yesterday from making beads in order to round up all the extra beads laying around my desk and workspace. I tossed all the yucky, wonky ones (and there were quite a few due to the "new concentrator adjustment period", you know!!) and then put together sets and pairs of those that I thought were usable. Even better, they have all been priced at what I consider "sale" prices - enjoy!

I'll be cleaning, photographing and posting them throughout the day, so check back often!!


Cindy said...

They're selling like hotcakes, Jena...looks like I missed them. I hope to check back though. :-)

Kitty said...

Well, geez....your dud beads are really nice! Much nicer than my dud beads, that's for sure!