Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movie Night... Inglourious Basterds

Last night, Dean and I went over to the neighbor's house and watched Inglourious Basterds on his freakishly large televison. It was pretty obvious that we were watching a pirated dvd because it isn't released until Dec 15, there was no disk menu when we turned it on and the video quality was "eh". All that said, it was a pretty typical Tarantino movie - lots of violence and a bizarre, convoluted story. I loved it! Watching Brad Pitt mangle a Tennessee "mountain man" accent was the best fun I've had in ages!

Tarantino movies are hit and miss with me. I enjoyed Resevoir Dogs but hated Pulp Fiction. I liked the first Kill Bill (although I've watched them all) but turned off Death Proof about a third of the way in. This movie I really did like and now I wish I had seen it in the theater. Maybe I'll start watching the listings for the $1 show to see when it shows up there!

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