Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summertime Brights

We're in the final homestretch!  Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kiddos until August 12th. Today is Honor's Day at the elementary school and Ella is excited about doing the 5th grade Walk of Fame.  (They get to parade around the entire school while everyone claps as a "goodbye" to the place they've spent the last 6 years.)  It was funny watching her get ready for bed last night.  She's highly organized (unlike her flighty mother!) and gets her clothes laid out for the next day before going to sleep.  My uber-tomboy pulled out a DRESS and HEELS to wear.  Seriously!  This is the child that puts on pajamas as soon as she gets home from school - no joke.

It's going to be interesting next year with all the kids in diffrent schools for the first time.  Tilly will be at the high school (yep, a frishy-froshy-freshman - Eek!), Ella will be over at the 6th grade academy and Davis will be at the elementary school for the next 2 years.  *sigh*  My babies are growing up!!

I've got beadie goodies on the backburner while I finish up some orders, but I'm planning to get some new stuff up over the weekend, so I hope you'll check in again soon!

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