Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bead Pairs Coming to Etsy!

Right now I am busy editing and adding a dozen sets of bead pairs to Etsy. It strikes me as a little bit funny because I JUST got my daily Etsy email and the subject was "Emerald Envy". (What with emeralds being the birthstone for May and all...) And what am I adding to Etsy today?? Along with ten other pairs of beads, I've also got two pairs of hollow earring beads in emerald green! I'm calling them "OZ", after the Emerald City in Baum's book.

****Edited to add: I ended up only adding 11 bead pairs today. I figured I would wait a little longer before it was time to post the snowman earring beads I made! Lol.**** 

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