Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Funday - Mother's Day Edition

I added 2 new sets to Etsy late this afternoon. A little "taster" set and an earring pair & spacer set. I haven't really had time to do much of anything else. Yesterday was spent cleaning the house my brother lives in and running numerous errands with the Dude. (He hates when I call him that. HAaaaaaates it.) 

Only one of the errands was actually specifically just for me. I had NO IDEA how hard it was to get Dip n' Etch these days!! No one carries it anymore. Not Michael's, not Joann's, and not Hobby Lobby. I can get it from Amazon if I want to pay nearly $50 and then another $13 shipping - oh yeah and have it delivered sometime between May 28 and June 10.




I did end up finding it on Etsy, of all places, and it should be shipping in the next day or two. So, (*happy dance*) I'll be able to make whiteheart beads once again. (Those and the teeny, tiny spacers for the Essential Mini beads are my "Zen" beads. I warm up and cool down with them. My favorite thing - - or at least ONE of my favorite things - - is to see how many of the mini spacers I can get on a single mandrel. My current record is 10, but my average is 4 or 5. Many more than that and too much time is spent flashing beads through the flame so they don't get cold and crack. The only thing worse than an ugly bead is a dead (broken) bead! 

 And if you'll notice: absolutely none of today's post so far talks about what I did TODAY. Bwahaha!

 Bees. That's what we did. Grocery store and piddled around in the bee hives. And it was fun, but I've missed making beads the last several days. Tomorrow I am back in the saddle again! 

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