Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Not Quite Perfect - Tidepool 3 Focal

What I wrote: "Created using ivory, silver foil, reactive glass, goldstone, and aqua, this bead reminds me of wandering the shoreline in summertime. You never know what you'll happen to see in one of the many tide pools.

NQP means Not Quite Perfect and I have priced this focal accordingly. On one side there is a small chip at the bead hole that occurred when I was cleaning the bead. It should not affect wearability and I'm certain that once wire-wrapped, you'd never know it was there."
How I feel: "Honestly? It's sooo frustrating to spend what seems like a loooooong time on a bead only to end up chipping it while cleaning it! But I guess I'd rather chip it myself than have it chip when a customer is wire-wrapping it..."

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