Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer - Ha! I Wish!!

It's (almost) summertime and the days get away from me so effortlessly. I have spent the last several days getting Davis ready to leave for the beach with a friend. You think it would be easy: do a little laundry, find a bag, pack it, and be done. Oh no - it's never that easy with a teenage boy. 

First, you discover is that he has outgrown ALL of last year's bathing suits and clothes, so those have to be replaced. Not an easy task with someone who considers shopping - particularly clothes shopping - to be a act of inhumane cruelty, not to mention a complete time-suck. And of course, you can't possibly get everything in one trip - oh no, you have to spread it out over the better part of a week and multiple shopping expeditions!!  Then you realize that he desperately needs a haircut, because you have somehow lost his ears amidst that floppy mess on his head.

Next, comes the "finding of the things" portion of packing:
"Davis, where are your flip-flops?" "Uh...I dunno."
*find one under his bed and one under sofa*
"Davis, where are your sunglasses?" "Erm...I dunno." *search entire house but cannot find sunglasses, buy a pair from WalMart*

And so on and so forth. By the time he leaves (TODAY - Hallelujah!!), I am completely exhausted and will need my own vacation to recuperate from packing HIM for vacation!!

Anyway, what this does mean is that I will have some spare time to make beads the next few days!

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