Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Not Just a Pretty Face

Okay, so maybe pretty is stretching it a little thin. You still have to admit, it's an interesting looking caterpillar. Apparently, the self-preservation part of me is broken, because I've always heard that living things with some combination of red/yellow/black on them use it as a sort of "Don't Touch Me" warning system. I have also read somewhere that fuzzy caterpillars like this are a HUGE "hands off - I sting" message. Predictably, all I want to do is pick it up and pet it because it looks downright snuggly! I want to rub those 4 bumps on its back to see if they are truly as soft as they look!
And yet, according to Google, this is the larval stage of the White-marked Tussock Moth and - you guessed it - they are NOT to be handled. *sigh* Guess I better stick to petting the kittens.

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