Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too Much and Not Enough

With as much as I've been working in my studio and as many beads as I've made, you can bet I've handled a lot of glass recently. And I've noticed a funny thing; I have a lot of it. No really, A LOT. And the sad part is I need to order more and soon!

You see the thing is, every time a new color is released, I feel compelled to purchase at least 1/4 lb but I usually buy a 1 pound, sometimes more. Call it what you will: wanting to expand my glass palette, hoping to discover the next "big" thing or most likely, very poor impulse control. Hey folks, I'm just doing my part to help stimulate the economy!

The only problem is that now I've got oodles of glass that I never plan to use. Colors like: V949 lemon meringue, V949 banana cream, M440 red roof tile, Lauscha copper green (like, 5 pounds!!), M262 powder pink, CiM khaki, and the original batch of Double Helix's Terra. What I actually need is: pea green opaque, med grass green, sage and avocado opaque, white and dark lavender. But most of all? I need CLEAR!!! That's the glass I use 10 times more than any of the others I have and I'm nearly panicked at how low my stash has become.

But seriously, what the heck am I gonna do with all this glass I don't want?

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