Friday, August 22, 2008

Jenagirlbeads August Giveaway!

I'm trying something different! I'm going to pick a day at random each month and give away beads. Some times it'll be a contest, some times it may be a random drawing, but today - I'm giving a bead to the first 3 people to leave a comment on my blog. Word of warning: comments are moderated and won't appear until I get back home and approve them.

The deal for today is this: The first person to leave a comment gets their choice of the 3 focal beads pictured above. The second poster will choose between the 2 remaining beads and the third person will receive the last bead.

What kind of comments am I looking for? Hmmm...well, I'm interested in 2 things today:

#1 - I'd like suggestions for beads to make. Wanna see a certain color combination? Have an idea for a cool holiday-themed bead? Tell me!

#2 - Give me some good kid-friendly movie recommendations. Dean is going to the Falcon's pre-season game tonight, so the kids and I are gonna make calzones, pop popcorn and watch a movie together.

So...watcha waiting for? Leave me some comments and win a free bead!


Chris said...

Fun contest! I love your work and would love to see some poinsettia or holly beads for Christmas. Thanks!

ginny said...

Hi Jena:
First, the Hula Bears are adorable!
My idea for a holiday themed bead set is beads in the shape of Christmas tree ornaments.

ginny said...

OK. I know I have already posted one comment. So, please, count this one as part of the first one. I would love to see some beads with the color combination of amber, amethyst, and olive green.

Terri said...

How about sports themed beads, is that even possible? I have 2 boys who are in every sport imaginable, so we go to alot of sporting events lol... Or what about pumpkins, witches, ghosts, scarecrows,candy corn,black cats,etc...
A good movie is Bee movie, Nim's Island.

Kristen said...

Hey Jena! I'm leaving my comment! I'm sure I'm not in the top 3, but I got a late start this morning on the computer! I would love to see some more of your Holly Berry beads... I bought a set of two last year, made two necklaces and they sold out IMMEDIATELY at a November Holiday home show. They were so simple and beautiful, just a squarish bead with holly berries on the top! That's my suggestion! I don't get to the movies much so I don't think I can comment there! Have a great day!

Jena said...

Thanks so much for participating! Chris - you've got 1st choice. Which bead would you like?

Lori said...

Good movies
Astronaut Farmer - great for boys and girls, a feel good movie about family.

Master and Commander - educational about ships and friends with lots of explosions for Davis.

Secondhand Lions - everyone should see, very cute!

Finding Neverland - what is not to like with Johnny Depp and Peter Pan.

March of the Peguins -

The Pursuit of Happyness -

Nim's Island

Mad Money

I Am Legend - if you like science fiction.

Beads - flat flowers and cones with dots in light blues and butter pale yellows - encased pillows in ink and white, animal print tabs

Jena said...

Hey Lori!!

I'm so glad to hear from you - I've missed you! Where the heck have you been? *grin* Are y'all okay?

Chris said...

Hi Jena,

I really like that polar bear with the scarf, thanks so much! I have never won beads before, so this is really cool. Also, I love Ginny's idea of Christmas tree ornament beads too! I can imagine a great charm bracelet with all these Christmas balls dangling and sparkling...

Meredith (who posted under hubby's name this morning - oops!)

Jena said...

Hi Ginny!

You were poster #2 - thanks! Which of the 2 remaining beads did you want?

ginny said...

Hey Miss Jena:
Need you ask which bear I would LOVE to have? The Hula Bear, of course!
Thanks so much for a great contest!I think it is a wonderful idea that people will love.
Sorry that I am so late posting my choice but my power has been on and off for two days due to Fickle Fay-three tornadoes within five miles of me today!
I know; I know---TMI; right?

Jena said...

Congrats, Terri -

You've won the Pumpkin Pig bead! I need your address to know where to ship your bead. If you would, please send me an e-mail through my webpage contact button and you can send me your address that way, ok?