Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Worked!

Apparently, I lucked out and picked up the right orange yesterday. Sorry the picture and color are kinda anemic-looking. The sky and cloud-cover outside today is weird and my camera is being temperamental. But hey - aren't we all? Temperamental, that is...

Uh, yeah... Okay - whatever. I've got to go get showered and changed after my 4 mile walk/jog this morning. Shhhhhhh... Don't tell anybody - especially not my opthamologist. I'm not supposed to be doing any "bouncy" type activities where the body stops and shifts direction quickly because I've got this small issue of my retina wanting to detach. That means no more horseback-riding (wah!), running (oh well) and especially no bungee jumping (can't miss something you never did, right?) among other activities. So anyway, I have these little black flecks - 2, to be exact - in my right eye that are always floating around in my field of vision. For a long time I thought that there was something wrong with my contacts, but my eye doc says that it's because the vitrea in that eye is a little more watery than it should be. They can't do anything about it unless it detaches completely, so until then I try to be careful.

Did anybody else watch race-walking on the Olympics? Maybe I should take that up instead of whining about not being able to run? I might look like a first-class wanker, but at least I won't subject myself to potential emergency eye surgery!

*Psssst!* I'm planning to do something fun with the blog tomorrow, so make sure to come back and read in the morning!!!

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