Sunday, August 3, 2008


I love fruit. I'm a self-professed "fruit fanatic". From common fruits like blueberries, strawberries, apples and bananas to slightly more exotic fare like pineapples, star fruit, guava and passion fruit - I'll eat it all. (Except mangoes, I'm not overly wild about them...*huh*)

Anyway, this past week has been like a dream come true for me. My parent's neighbors have been out of town and requested that we please come over and pick from the garden so that it doesn't go to waste. Of course, we've picked tomatoes in all the colors of the rainbow until they're ready to come out our ears. Bush beans and okra too. Onions, lettuce, cucumbers - yep. Peppers in many forms: Bell, Ancho, Banana and a long, skinny hot one I'm not familiar with (not Cayenne, I'm sure of it).

My absolute favorite thing we've been harvesting are the fruits!! Peaches galore, but honey - it's the FIGS that wake me up in the middle of the night, drooling. Gorgeous, enormous green globes of figgy goodness.

I asked Kate to help me with identification and we've decided that these are most likely Calimyrna figs. All I know is that they're darn tasty and the neighbor's tree/bush/shrub-thing is completely covered in ripe ones. I took a 2 gallon pitcher over there last Thursday and completely filled it up in less than 40 minutes! And that was with me putting every third fig in my mouth!!

Now they're all gone - I snarfed them all up. That's another other good thing about living at my house: I don't have to share! Tilly will eat one or two, but other than that? They're all MINE!!

Although now, I'm wishing I had saved some of them to enjoy later. I think I need to look into buying one of those fruit dehydrator thingies.

You know - for next year!


Kate said...

Next time, please share with your friend!!! I think you should get a dehydrator and make dried figs.....YUM!!! Then you could mail them to your friend in MA!!!

Jena said...

Hey Kate!!

You betcha! Mmmmm... can you imagine dark chocolate-dipped dried figs? *wiping drool off laptop*

Do you think Target has one (a dehydrator) or should I look elsewhere?

I'm taking the kids for "panic week" haircuts in a minute (actually, as soon as the dryer stops and I've got pants to wear *grin*). Call me later?

Kate said...

Will do!!

Hmm, I think Target might have it or try Kohls. They have some nice kitchen stuff and it's usually on sale! And if you dip them in chocolate, send them my way!! OMG, that's tasty!!!