Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting Into the Swing...

...of things.

Now that we're a month into school, things are beginning to calm down as we settle into our new routine. Interestingly enough, I find that I actually have less time to work in my studio now that the kids are back in school than I did over the summer! It mostly has to do with the middle and elementary school schedules, but my daily exercise routine and the kids' tennis drills (*sigh*... of course) also play a part. I've never been very good with time management so it's turning into a kind of "trial by fire". What fun! And why yes, that is sarcasm.

My birthday was this past Sunday - wahoo! I celebrated turning 36 in my normal, low-key style. Dean and I went to the movies and saw The Dark Knight - LOVED it! Then we picked the kids up from my parents' house and went out to dinner as a family. Dean wanted to go to Longhorn (and I didn't have strong feelings in any particular direction), so that's where we ended up. I ordered the salmon, which was delicious, and a pomegranate margarita - Yum!! After that, we came home and put a serious dent in my b-day carrot cake and then fell into a food-induced stupor.

I also got an awesome card and this giftie in the mail from my dear friend, Kate. (Thank you again, for the five hundreth time!!) She is a world-class knitter you know, and she made this absolutely lovely shawl in the prettiest color of green. She took much better pictures than I've been able to, so I'm "borrowing" them from her blog. Isn't it gorgeous? Now I can't wait to feel a nip in the air so I can start wearing it!!

Can I just tell you, Kate, I adore that mirror! Am I correct in assuming that's sea glass all around the frame? B-E-A-utiful!


Kate said...

You are very welcome (for the 500th time!!) I am so happy you like it. It was very hard keeping it a secret!! And yes, that is sea glass! I didn't make it, it was a gift!

Glad you had a good day! I wish I had one of those pom margaritas NOW!!!

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday!
(look, I'm using my own account this time!)