Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jenagirlbeads September Giveaway!

Okay... I'm a little later than I thought I'd be, but it's still Tuesday and here I am!

So, like I said, I've been running seriously low on some of my favorite and most-often-used glass colors. Last night I made up a quick list of the colors I absolutely HAD to have and then this morning, I headed out to FlameTree Glass to pick them up. Wow! What a store!! Their glass inventory is fantastic and I can't wait to go back when I've got much deeper pockets. Plus, I met the owners, Lance and Maureen. They seemed really nice and I wish I'd had more time to hang around and talk to them. Maybe next time!

And now onto the giveaway portion of this post! I bought 7 different colors of glass today. I'm looking for the first person to guess all seven colors in order to win the hula bead with two-toned lei. And yes, I will "defuzzify" it before mailing it to you!!

Please limit your color guesses to 7 per comment, ok?

So...start guessing!!


Debbie said...

hmmmm...guess I'll be the first to guess. Orange, black, white, aqua, brown, blue, red. Pretty random colors I guess.

Debbie said...

hmmm....guess I'll guess first. I'll guess the basic colors: red, blue, brown, black, white, green, yellow

glassbeadfairy said...

ooh! i'll play!
how 'bout
lime green
sage green
topazy brown

Jena said...

Oh wow! Between the 2 of you, all 7 glass colors have been named, just not in the same comment.

Wanna keep trying?

ginny said...

OK. I'll give it a try. How about:
clear, orange, black, white, lime green, brown.
BTW, I didn't get an email about your sale. I thought that I was on your mailing list.

Jena said...

Ooohhh.. so close, Ginny! You're only one color off and missing one!!
And according to my newsletter program, you ARE on my mailing list, so that's very odd!

Jena said...

Okay... apparently, I can't count. There is ONE color I bought that hasn't been mentioned yet. Sorry y'all!!

ginny said...

What about these colors:
clear, orange, black, white, lime green, amethyst, and aqua

Debbie said...

okay, another guess... black, lime green, orange, red, white,brown

Jena said...

Okay - in those last 2 comments by Ginny and Debbie, they each have 5 of the 7 glass colors right.

Now remember, there's one color that hasn't been mentioned yet.

Ohhhhh... so close!!

mikala said...

my guess would be pink

Jena said...

I'm sorry, surprisingly enough, I didn't need to buy any pink!