Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Been a Baaaaad Girl!

I bought two, count 'em TWO, tutorials over the weekend. Did I need them? Not really, but I wanted them! Plus, I'm considering that purchase and a small re-stock on certain glass colors my Christmas this year.

Which ones did I get? I got Andrea Guarino's Mothwing bead tutorial. I've always wondered how they were made (and there is the fact that I've taken a class with her before and just think she's a stand-up kinda lady!), so I jumped at the chance at learning for myself.

The other tutorial I purchased was Amy's (Forever Grateful Beads) Rainbow Bead tutorial. Yeah, I already knew how to make that style of bead and have included them in several sets before, but I like learning other bead artist's techniques in the hopes of learning something new and different. Guess what?! I learned something new and different!

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Anonymous said...

oooohhhhh.....I love the rainbow beads, any chance we'll see them anytime soon?