Wednesday, December 24, 2008

just shoot me now...

Seriously, this is a direct copy and paste from the e-mail I just sent my best friend a minute ago.

************START E-MAIL COPY**************


- No poop. Still. (For those of you who aren't Kate, my son swallowed a handcuff key last night. No. Not those kind of handcuffs - the toy ones. So now I'm on "Poop Watch 2008".

- Dean came home and then promptly left to get his hair cut. Really.
All whining aside, he's actually been very good and has told me to "chill out and bake some cookies or something". He's a good man - I'm leaning towards keeping him. ( Ask me how I feel about him this time tomorrow.)

- Pulled in the parking lot at the vet clinic at 12:07. According to the sign on the door, they closed at 12 today. Buuuut...somebody didn't lock the door promptly so I walked in anyway and wheedled my way into 6 Capstar tablets and a couple packages of Frontline. Who's got brass bollocks now, baby?!

- Tilly is gone now. Our neighbor, Reuben (the one she had her first babysitting job with) called and begged me to send her over to help them wrap presents. Which accomplished 3 things: 1. Got Tilly out of my hair. 2. Deprived me of my #1 Gofer and Odd Jobs Girl (see reason 1). 3. Made me feel a hell of a lot better about myself because at least the majority of my presents are already wrapped!

- I've got rugs to vacuum, a sofa slipcover to put back on, cookies to bake, wrapping to do, 2 doors to paint, laundry to finish and put away, litter box to empty, grocery store trip to make, stockings to stuff and oh yeah - I have to cook supper at some point!!

Iceland is looking pretty damn good right about now.

***********END E-MAIL COPY****************


Debbie said...

Hang in there Jena, you're not rowing that boat alone! Just remember that if you don't get everything done, please enjoy the holiday.

Kate said...

So how is POOP WATCH 08 going????

Kristen said...

Jena, you crack me up! Hang in there! Hope you had a great holiday!