Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Leaf

As in, "I'm turning over..."

With a brand new year, there comes the opportunity to change the things you didn't like about the previous year. Yes, I suppose some would argue that it isn't necessary to wait for an arbitrary calendar date to make changes, but I (as a general rule) don't like change and so it requires serious motivation to actually do it. And the knowledge that millions of other people are in the same boat somehow makes it easier!

Without going into my personal resolutions, which are numerous, time-consuming and tiring if done correctly, I will tell you about the one you're likely to notice right off the bat. I've decided to completely revamp my business! Gone are the days of seeing the same beads over and over (and over and over) again! Gone are the days of placing an order and then waiting (and waiting and waiting) for your beads to arrive! Gone are the children and the husband and the household pets! I'm moving to an artist's colony where all I will do is make beads, learn glass-blowing and raise goats in order to create artisanal cheeses!! No. Not really - just checking to make sure you're actually reading!!

What I AM doing is eliminating the bead catalog so I can concentrate on making new beads instead of being stuck in constant "remake" mode like I have been for years. That isn't to say I will never again make beads from my regular series (like Fairy Dance, Breathless, Cabana Boy, etc...), only that when I do they will be new sets and I'll only offer 1 or 2. I might, maybe, someday in the future bring the catalog back for a very limited time. Maybe. But for now I plan to finish up any current orders and then concentrate on making new beads. New beads that will ship very, very quickly after you purchase them because they're already made!! Isn't that just fan-flippin'-tastic!?

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got NEW beads to clean, string and post on my website. Wahoo!!

Oh - and if you've been wondering... I took Davis for an x-ray last week. The key has passed. *grin*

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