Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Officially Old Now

No, it isn't my birthday - it's way worse that that. I have recently discovered that I actually do need to sleep! I know you're probably thinking to yourself: "Well, that was anti-climactic. Of course you need sleep, you weenie!" To which I, in my now mature years, respond: "Nuh uh!!"

It's true. Or at least it used to be true. I've always been able to stay up until the wee hours, hop in bed for a cat nap and then bounce right back out of bed well before anyone else was up, with no ill effects. (Usually, it was the purchase of a new book that inspired my nearly all-nighters. I still have to fight myself to not read every book I get in one sitting.) Apparently, those days are over!

Tilly was actually late to school one day this week. Yes - LATE! Why was she late? Because I overslept! It must've been the combination of going to bed waaaay too late and the fact that someone who sleeps in close proximity to me (but shall remain nameless) couldn't get to sleep and Kept. Talking. To. Me. And what's worse, this person was expecting me to answer...coherently!! At one point the overhead lights were switched on and I must confess, while I'm not what I would consider an overly violent person, I did briefly contemplate murdering my bedmate using the floral arrangement from my bedside table. Mercifully, the lights went back out again and I immediately sagged into unconsciousness.

*beep, beep, beep* (that's the sound of the alarm clock going off in case you couldn't tell) "Huh? What? What time is it? Holy cow, it's after 7 am!" *shuffle, shuffle* *opening door* "Tilly - -get up, we're late!!" And my day went down hill from there, because as I'm discovering, sleep-deprivation can make even the simplest tasks, like say - remembering where you put the car keys last, feel equivalent to scaling Mt Everest.

So now I guess I've got to start going to bed at a "reasonable hour", whatever that is. What's next, am I going to start wanting to eat my dinner at 4 in the afternoon?? Will I call children whippersnapppers? Will I start telling stories that begin with "When I was your age..."? Oh no! I do that last one now! Early bedtimes and "when I was your age" stories - that's 2 horsemen of the Old-pocalypse down already!

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