Saturday, January 10, 2009


Uh... yeah. Remember the other sets of beads I was planning to offer this week? Well, I'm not quite finished yet because I lost 2 torching days. I lost one to lack of sleep (I don't torch when I'm tired because my hands shake and everything turns out crap. I usually end up tossing out everything I make anyway, so I figure - why waste the glass?) I lost the second work day to errands, cleaning up Christmas stuff (yes, still!), and reading at the kids' school.

I got up this morning to discover that while I was really busy running errands yesterday, I forgot one really, REALLY important one. I forgot to take my nearly empty oxygen tank and exchange it for a full one!! I've only got a little left, probably enough to work for an hour or two before running out completely. I'll do my best to finish the sampler sets and get them up this weekend. If not, look for more new beads from me on Tuesday. Also, I WILL be making more Wild at Heart earring pairs and 1 or 2 more of the bracelet sets in that design - I'm glad you all like them so much!!

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