Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh. My. Gosh.

Coraline opens today!! And because I can't decide which movie poster I prefer, you get to look at both. (The other one is at the bottom of today's post.)

We can't go see it today, which is probably a good thing (because I anticipate the theaters to be ridiculously crowded - everybody I know is planning to go tonight), but we're definitely going this weekend. The movieplex we usually patronize is offering both 3D and regular 2D show times. I was really excited about seeing the 3D version because I haven't seen anything in that format since high school (it was an awful, bloody horror movie - best forgotten.) and thought the kids would really enjoy it.

I was wrong.

In a rare display of solidarity, both girls immediately poo-pooed the 3D idea, saying: "It gives me headaches and you can't watch it without the glasses." (Tilly) "Is that what they did during halftime for the Superbowl? It wasn't very good, Mom. Let's just watch it the normal way." (Elinor) And Davis? Davis couldn't be persuaded to vote one way or the other. He is Switzerland.


It looks like we'll see the 2D version this weekend and then if I really like it, I'll try to sneak off by myself sometime next week and watch it again in 3D. The things you have to do when you're a Mom...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe a whole week went by and no "Hunkie" picture, what gives....ha ha ha (just kidding) We all need some eye candy now and then.

Jena said...

Yeah, I know... Falling down at my post, apparently! *grin*

No worries, more men in the forecast for this week!!