Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, So THAT'S The Problem!

Went to the doctor's office this morning because I was sick and tired of feeling so awful. I've been taking either DayQuil or NyQuil every 4 hours (Seriously, I clipped my little kitchen timer to my shirt and took another dose every time the beeper went off.) for the past week with no real change in symptoms. Sinus headaches I can deal with. Same goes for itchy, tired eyes and the seemingly endless sneezing fits, but the constant pain in my throat that felt like swallowing ground glass? Ah...No.

My own doctor couldn't fit me in this week's schedule and I'm a little leery of the "doc in the box" clinics that are springing up all over, so on a whim I called the kid's pediatrician's office for a recommendation. They offered to see me this morning and I jumped at the chance to go be checked out.

The nurse listened to my complaints and did the usual looking into the eyes and ears, but as soon as she looked down my throat she put everything down on the paper-wrapped table and told me that I have strep. To be 100% sure, she did one of those quick strep test swab thingies and left the room. As I sat in the exam room, I listened to the noises around me: children chattering, the low, quiet hum of mother's voices and the shrill cry of an infant, who had to have just gotten an immunization. I flipped through a seriously old magazine, and then another. Then the nurse came back in and announced that I did, indeed, have strep and then she handed me a prescription for a 3 day course of antibiotics. And then she said that if the kids start having the same symptoms, to just drop by the front desk anytime - they'll have prescriptions waiting to be picked up! Can I just say - I LOVE our pediatrician's office!!

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